Immobilien Investment

Respectful clients, Immobilien Investment wishes to present You its business/storage facility in Industry zone in Ilijaš nearby Sarajevo.

Industry zone in Ilijaš is already a strategic location for many worldwide brands due to its proximity to main roads. Entrance to highway A1 (Sarajevo-Zenica) is located 1500 m from the facility. Storage space within the facility amounts to 1.250 m2 (square meters) with maximum height up to 9 meters. Tarmac yard around the facility (2500 m2) is available to serve as additional storage space for bulk cargo. Facility also entails 20 additional parking lots. Truck roundabout is planned outside the facility. Office space (200 m2) is designed according to European standards. Since the facility is in final construction phase, Your specific needs and input could be addressed.

We believe that abovementioned will benefit greatly your company’s performance. Feel free to address us in case you need any additional information. Best regards, Immobilien Investment

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