Kupro d.o.o. produces and installs PVC and aluminium joinery, and meets the required EU standards of high and durable quality of its products, parallely we are here to support the needments, capabilities and desires of our esteemed clients.

Our products, with their insulating properties are significantly contributing to the savings of heat, whether if it is a gas, electricity, heating or any other energy sources, and unlike wooden joinery, KUPRO PVC and aluminum joinery has no need for a seasonal coating with protective agents and paints.

Each stage of our production is characterized by high ecological standards, the production process minimizes energy consumption, maximizes CO2 emissions, and longevity and facilitation of maintenance further reduces the negative effects towards environment.

KUPRO products are ideal protection against rain, wind, city rain, heat, sound isolation and privacy protection. Another feature that distinguishe our products is its additional security, in case of theft or breaking into the building.